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A Skeptic's Reaction to the Magnesphere

Written By Vida Chiropractic on May 5, 2016

Over the past month, Dr. Loher has generously allowed patients try out one visit in the Magnesphere for free, and we have seen some amazing results here at Vida Chiropractic.

We have seen positive results in people who suffer from fibromyalgia who have experienced relief from pain and stiffness, folks with chronic pain from old injuries have felt a renewed spring in their step, and we have even had a couple of people with diabetic neuropathy regain feeling in their legs after many years of numbness!

Part of trying out a new technology or therapeutic method is a natural skepticism. There are so many new gadgets and gizmos, fads and gimmicks, and it is important for consumers to have a healthy sense of skeptism when trying something new, and that is another reason Dr. Loher has wanted people to have the opportunity to just try the Magnesphere technology and see the results for themselves.

Last week we had a great testimony from a skeptic. The patient was experiencing back pain that was the result of an injury and he was very skeptical about the possibility of the Magnesphere technology working to improve his situation, but he was willing to try one session for free, though he admits he wasn't expecting much. 

After his session in the Magnesphere, these were the exact words of the skeptic, "Crap, it works!"

Of course we all thought this was a funny but perfect reaction from a self-proclaimed skeptic, but it also illustrates that the Magnesphere is working for folks even when they expect it not to, so we are really pleased to make this great new technology available to our patients.  

It is exciting to see such positive results in our patients, and we believe the Magnesphere will continue to be a non-invasive and safe tool that will help our patients get amazing results. You can learn more about the Magnesphere technology on our website and can also hear about some of the results our patients have experienced right here at Vida Chiropractic by checking out our Vida Chiropractic YouTube Channel. Skeptical? You can still take advantage of Dr. Loher's offer of a free Magnesphere visit, but only until May 12, 2016. Make an appointment today and see the results for yourself! 

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