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Written By Dr. Terry Loher on May 12, 2016

FINANCES shouldn’t be your first INVESTMENT.

As I approach my late 40s, there are many things that come to mind.  One of them is that I notice that I am not a spring chicken anymore. 

Keeping up with the kids in things like basketball and track and field aren’t as easy as they used to be and my recovery after any type of workout seems to be a lot slower than it used to be. 

So as we get older we all have that conversation with ourselves.  You know the thoughts you have when you have time to ponder how life is going, “Will I have enough to retire on, what will happen if I get injured? Have I invested enough in future?”

Investing is an easy concept. The more you invest the more you make, and over long periods of time we see a thing called compounding interest, but your finances should not be your first investment. 

Your first investment should be in your health and adopting behaviors that pay you back.  A big thing people overlook is learning to eat correctly. 

Do you know you can recover better from a heart attack if you’ve eaten a lot of green vegetables over the course of your life versus if you didn’t?  So the type of food you eat and certain learned behaviors around diet can be a HUGE investment. 

Another big investment can be learning how to do some exercise specific to our goals that we have.  We all have these memories of being fit in our early years when we were on the high school wrestling team or track team working out until we felt like hurling but that was then. 

In our busy lifestyles, you just have to commit to get moving and do a routine that’s specific to your goals.

While you are at it, why not finally make chiropractic care a regular part of your schedule?

Chiropractic has proven to help people become more adaptable which means increasing the ability to manage and recover from the stresses and strains of everyday life. 

Many people think they cannot afford chiropractic but this just isn’t true. 

Chiropractic, when used consistently, can help save thousands of dollars in healthcare costs.

 Just a simple Google search of “cost effectiveness of chiropractic” can show you incredible stats on how much more effective chiropractic is than pharmaceutical based medical care. 

Consistently investing little by little in chiropractic care, exercise, and the types of food that you eat can pay you huge dividends so that you can actually enjoy your retirement instead of planning your days around doctors’ appointments. 

So just a recap . . .

A great investment strategy is to:

1. Find a chiropractor and use he/she consistently to maintain your nervous system

2. Get a coach and accountability partners for eating right. 

The difference in someone eating right and not is profound.  Make a one-time goal to get help from a wellness or nutrition coach to tackle this beast in your life once and for all. 

3. Get moving and do whatever it takes.

If you are completely lost, get a trainer to help you.  Many gyms like the YMCA include all the training you need with the membership fee. 


If you tackle these 3 areas in your life as your number one investment, you’ll be around longer and spend less on medical care so you can invest more financially and actually enjoy your investments later in life instead of giving it to your medical doctor for a completely preventable surgery.

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