Your First Visit

Your First Visit to Vida Chiropractic

Here at Vida Chiropractic, we want to make sure that your first visit is as relaxing and informative as possible. We want to ensure that when you leave, you do not have any questions. It is our goal to get you to feel excited about the progress that you have already made.

Many people visit the chiropractor for the first time because they are experiencing pain in different areas of their body. Some people also visit us because they want to begin a preventive treatment plan to ensure that they stay healthy.

We understand the body and how it works. During your initial visit, we will discuss any discomfort you may be experiencing and conduct a physical examination to better understand your condition. X-rays will be taken to assess your alignment and develop a customized treatment plan.

At Vida Chiropractic we have found through our advanced training that most issues in the spine come from a complex called Vertebral Subluxation. This involves many factors including the central part of the disc which is primary, and the surrounding tissues and joints. Ultimately our goal is to centralize the problematic disc and to maintain its position so that the surrounding and supporting structures can heal. Once the bulging or herniated disc is realigned the patient experiences almost instant relief.
Our goal is to help you to feel better (and stay that way) as quickly as possible. It is possible to live a life without pain.

If you want to live without pain or have any questions about your first visit, contact us today at (423) 370-0200